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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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As has been customary for several years, as the apple harvest approaches to make cider, we usually go to one of the apple orchards that provides us with its fruit to make our sagardoa. And this year we have repeated our destination, as we did in 2018, on September 9, we approached Aia, Gipuzkoa, the Azkorte farmhouse, governed by the Albeniz family. They have several dozen hectares with magnificent trees full of apples, as you can see in the video that we have produced below. From this great raw material that is the apple, we make the precious cider in our Astigarraga cider house, specifically, the sagardoa to consume in 2021.

Not in vain, from next week we will surely begin to crush the apple that comes to us from said apple orchards - if there were a bit of fine rain or sirimiri, much better. In this month of September is when the pieces increase in size, until they are ready for us to collect them.

We leave you this short video with the wonderful view and apple trees of Aia. We are already looking forward to receiving your merchandise in the shape of an apple to start with the elaboration of our next natural sagardoa Gurutzeta. We will keep you informed!