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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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Like every year, at the end of September we usually start to collect and crush the apple to extract the precious must and make our Gurutzeta ciders. In this year 2020 we have also carried out it in the cider house. In fact, one of the characteristics of this year's apple harvest has been precisely the shortage of fruit. In other words, this year we have had few apples from the Basque Country, continuing with the shortage of apples that nature gives us every two years.
Because during a year our apple trees give good harvest and in the second year, on the other hand, the amount of apple collected is always much smaller. For this reason, the cider with the Denomination of Origin of the 'Euskal Sagardoa' seal of this year has cost us a lot to produce. Anyway, in the end we have managed to produce about six thousand liters of cider with this native certificate.

The organic Gurutzeta cider, however, we have not been able to produce. However, we still have organic cider from last year to offer to customers. We will have to wait until next year to produce a new organic cider.

In any case, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year we have sold less 'Gorenak' cider and have it still bottled. Consequently, we have produced fewer liters than last year, but we have continued the tradition of making new cider for one more year. Thus, we finished crushing apples, specifically, on November 6. In the video you will see how we have worked in the tolare, following the custom of our ancestors.