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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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The secret of the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse lies in the tradition collected from generation to generation, both when making cider and working in the kitchen.
For years Anjelita has been in charge of preparing the cod tortillas and cod in sauce for the txotx season. This year you can also taste both; the casseroles, with previous reservation.

But it is no longer Anjeli who works tirelessly in the kitchen, although she closely follows in the footsteps of her successors. Without neglecting tradition, new features have been introduced at the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse; Anjelita's kitchen is no longer usually full of cubes to desalt the cod! Our supplier is Cubamar, from Zizrukil, and they bring us the desalted cod.

Today, Eto is the skilled cook, and Joxe Angel is in charge of the casseroles. Even so, we always have the help of Anjelita. All the secrets have been transferred from mother to son in the sweet warmth of the fire, and even today, he is often around, giving advice.

Therefore, with prior reservation, we prepare the casseroles with that love and wisdom collected from generation to generation. If you want to try it, ask for it when making your reservation.