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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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We continue in this special cider season, and the ciders from the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse are improving. Our online contest has also picked up pace and customers are giving their opinion.

The first two winning ciders have been from barrels 8 and 23, but these last two weeks you have named the 12, the Denomination of Origin Euskal Sagardoa, as the best of the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse.

It is a cider made, above all, with apples from the Azkorte farmhouse in Aia, with the urtebi, goikoetxe, moko, mozoloa, and geza-mina varieties. But it also has apples of the errexila variety from the farmhouse Monjardin in Segura. At the time of the tasting, it leaves us memories of quince and roasted apple, ending with an acid touch.

We have already carried out the third draw among those who have come to the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse and have participated in our online contest, and we have already notified the winner that they can enjoy a meal for two at the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse.

Don't miss the chance! We are waiting for you at the Gurutzeta Ciderhouse with our new cider!

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