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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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He started working with his grandfather very early in the morning to bring cider to gastronomic societies, according to Joxe Goñi Urreaga (Ergobia-Gurutzeta, 1928) of the Gurutzeta cider house. His wife, Anjelita Garin Iraola (Hernani-Txonkuene, 1931) remembers how it was the father, her father-in-law, who taught her to bottle. Their son, on the other hand, Joxe Angel Goñi Garin (Ergobia-Gurutzeta, 1957) evokes the time when cider was made in his great-grandfather’s farmhouse in Astigarraga, named Largaene, to remember that the family has been linked to the elaboration of cider since the 19th century.

And just as giving the cider enough time to ferment makes it reach its optimum point, it has also improved the production process in the Gurutzeta family cider house, because we have collected, learned and taught the trade from generation to generation, without interrupt the transmission chain. And the fifth generation has already approached the previous two, along with the familiar aroma of cider, to add a new link, to extract the golden juice from the wisdom collected in tradition.