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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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This year's cider house season has had several ups and downs, and for this reason, we want to thank all the customers, both regular and new, who have dared to make txotx, albeit in a different way. We also want to thank our suppliers for their work, who, even in the face of this incessant opening and closing, have guaranteed us the best and freshest genre, as always.

But now, we end the cider season. We return to our usual tasks, as we want to put the finishing touches to the cider from our winery, putting all our effort and care into it. And in a very special way we are taking care of the cider that you named the winner, that of the kupela 23 ... Do not lose sight of it! You will have more news soon!

At the end of one season, a new one begins: in this case, the season of enjoying bottled cider. Gurutzeta Gorenak cider and Gurutzeta Euskal Sagardoa and Gurutzeta Euskal Sagardoa Bio cider are at your disposal, both in our home, in our online store or in your nearest establishment, so that you can enjoy the Gurutzeta cider wherever and as you like.

Remember that you can also get your On Egin discount voucher for a tourist establishment, when making the purchase in our online store (+ info, in the link below).

At home, after going out to the mountains or walking, spending the day on the beach or in the river ... You can always go with Gurutzeta cider, in the bottle.

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