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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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Taste and enjoy bottled cider, bring back empty Gurutzeta cider bottles and return new bottles full of cider, saving on price. Here's a nice way to get into the Zero Waste loop.

We clean and reuse those empty bottles, closing and rounding the circuit. In this way, at the Gurutzeta Cider House we embrace the Zero Waste philosophy: we do not create waste, and we give the bottle more than one use, before recycling it.

Although it has become known by the English term, this way of doing is not new to us. At the Gurutzeta Cider House we have always bet on maintaining tradition, and many of our clients have participated in it and continue to do so: those who visit us always find the doors of our house open and can buy the cider to take it home directly, knowing us more up close, and turning that relationship between client and producer into one of friendship.

Good weather is coming, summer is close, the season that gives us the longest days of the year arrives, the best moments in which we can enjoy excursions with friends, family or each on their own. These can be unbeatable moments to enjoy with Gurutzeta ciders! Do you also know that the 18th of this month is the international picnic day? The perfect plan that you can round off with Gurutzeta ciders!

Visit us and choose the one you like the most: Gurutzeta Gorenak Cider, Gurutzeta Cider with Denomination of Origin Euskal Sagardoa or Bio Gurutzeta Euskal Sagardoa Cider.

And don't forget: save the bottles and bring them back to us, the next purchase will be cheaper!