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Gurutzeta Sagardotegia

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The end of summer and the beginning of autumn smells like apples in our house, in the Gurutzeta cider house. It is time to start making the new cider. But first we like to check how the apple comes.

This year, with Jose Angel Goñi at the helm, we have visited the apple trees that Inaxio 'Luxarbe' has in Astigarraga. But this year he has not only attended the visit, since his daughter Leire has accompanied him in this work. This year in which we are going to collect an abundant harvest of new apple tree buds, in the Goñi family of Gurutzeta cider house we have also ensured that there will be new cider in the future.

We have found a lot of and very fleshy apple, about to reach the optimum moment of its ripening. Therefore, in nothing we will begin to crush the apple, to give rise to the cider of the new harvest. The cycle begins again!